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What kind of graphic design services do you provide? 

We design logos, branding packages, illustrations, marketing tools, stationery, and website designs.

What do you charge for your graphic design services?  

Prices depend on many variants but you can be sure you are getting great value for your design project. Most design jobs are charged by the hour but can range between $75 to $150/hr. Custom illustrations start at 175/hr. If you desire small changes or touch-ups that take two minutes or less, we will not charge for the quick changes. We require a 50% deposit before the design process is started. This is to make sure, if you no longer desire our design, we rightly are paid for our research, design process hours, and setup fee seeking to achieve the best design for you. If you would like us to price out a job for you, get a quote today.

How do I check on the progress of my job during the design process?  

As our client, you will be kept abreast of the progress of the job through our approval process. We will present the project to you at certain stages, or milestones, and wait for approval before we continue work. We find that this process keeps the client involved and prevents any breakdowns in communication. In between these milestones, you are free to call in or email to get an update if you haven’t been contacted yet.  

What types of payment do you accept?  

We accept Cash in US Dollars, checks, Venmo, Cashapp, and Paypal.

Who owns the copyright for the work Genuinexpressions has done for me?

Copyright is yours upon receipt of final payment. We do, however, reserve the right to use any work for promotional purposes.  

How does your logo design process work?

First, we will discuss the client’s needs, target market, and uses for the design. Then ask if you have samples of existing logos and talk about your likes or dislikes to get an idea of what you're looking for. Sometimes you may already have a design concept in mind. Other times, maybe you haven’t come up with any ideas yet. Either way, our designers make sure they’ve collected enough information before they begin work. Our design services are very flexible. If you’d like to see only a few concepts or if you need more, our services can be priced according to your needs.

I need something designed like yesterday. Can you help me?

We can usually accommodate rush jobs depending on how full our production schedule is.  Please note depending on the scope of the project and deadline you may have to pay an additional rush fee.

I don’t know where to start. Can you help me?  

Call us. We’ll listen to your needs and tell you what your options are.
Coming up with a design idea may seem overwhelming. We can put things in perspective and offer solutions that you might not have even considered.
We offer complimentary 15-minute consultations! 

Need more of an in-depth conversation? No worries, we also can schedule you a branding coaching session starting at $150/hr.

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