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Creative thinking.

in Motion.


Designs that make a statement.


Genuinexpressions was founded in August of 2009. Gabrielle Evans created the name Genuinexpressions from her name with the concept of helping people genuinely express their next ideas. 

Design is not just about “making something pretty," it is about making something meaningful.

My creative focus is to develop and produce targeted designs while providing excellent customer service and meeting all deadlines. My motto is to work hard and stay humble. I am passionate about designing and producing admirable work. As a creative and innovator, I pride myself in designing content that engages the intended audience, creating a memorable experience and driving results.

Worked With

Worked With.

I am very fortunate to work with some wonderful people, and am very proud of what I achieve with them.


“Gabrielle does exceptional design work. She has a creative eye and can bring your ideas to light. She is fast and efficient. I would highly recommend her services."
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